Mykola Panasiuk

Mykola Panasiuk

QA Tech Lead

Stream: С

Time: 12:00 - 12:45

Country: Ukraine

Language: English

Talk: Challenges with Performance testing in CI/CD with microservice architecture

About Speaker

I have been working in Software testing and QA for about 6 years. Behind the back: manual testing, automated testing (BE and FE), leading the team of QAs and now I'm responsible for the performance in Parimatch Tech, both server-side and client-side Any other info about you: ISTQB foundation level - certificate I haven't taken part in conferences but now I feel that I have something to share.

Talk:Challenges with Performance testing in CI/CD with microservice architecture

Sometimes you may have difficulties with organizing automated tests in your pipeline CI/CD, among them can be a lot of dependencies, flaky tests and maintainability. Imagine, when somebody asks you to integrate performance tests into CI/CD? It might feel like a pain in the neck, especially if to consider microservice architecture. With such kind of question, we faced in Parimatch Tech. We ready to share our challenges, problems, ups and downs, to share with you approaches we developed so far and to respond to your questions.